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Rina "RiRi" Risper, a multifaceted leader, has been at the helm of The New Citizens Press since 2002, where her award-winning journalism shines. As the force behind the Sociologically Speaking podcast, she delves into the reasons behind our actions. Her leadership extends to the executive director role at The New Citizens Press Community Action Network, advocating for impactful laws and support for those affected by homelessness, violence, and domestic violence. Risper's business, Raggedy RiRi, underscores the value of items with rich narratives, symbolizing personal and cultural heritage.

In 2005, Risper founded Poetry in the City, a platform that showcases talent from across the nation on the capitol steps, underscoring her dedication to literacy and the arts. This endeavor highlights her deep appreciation for poetry, literacy, and books. Her commitment to social progress and public policy has earned her a nomination for Nexstar Media’s Remarkable Women award, marking her as a guiding light for women in leadership and advocacy. For further insights into her work, visit and

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